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Owner Corrections

Defined as: Correction that results in changes to the ownership information on the NJ MVC database, but does not advance a prefix (owner indicator) on the title.

Incorrect ownership originating from MVC processing error may be corrected by a regular MVC agency by referencing the microfilmed documents on file.
Incorrect ownership originating from the source documents can be corrected by Database Corrections only if the sale contract shows the correct owner and pre-dates the title issuance.
Ownership correction is not to be confused with “Backing out an MCO,” which is only done when no party has taken possession of a vehicle.
In situations where the contract/bill-of-sale supports the information that has been processed by MVC, ownership changes will result in advances to the prefix.
When two vehicles have been delivered to the correct owners, but the MCO’s were switched in error, the paperwork for correction must be submitted simultaneously.

Required Paperwork
Notarized letter from the selling dealership as follows:
– On dealership letterhead.
– Full description of vehicle(s) including year, make, model and complete vehicle identification number(s).
– State the nature of the error and identify both the incorrect and correct titled owners.
– State current mileage.
– Signature of dealership officer.
Notarized statement from incorrectly titled owner(s) as follows:
– On plain paper or owner’s stationery if an individual.
– On business stationary if a company is the titled owner.
– Full description of vehicle including year, make, model and complete vehicle identification number.
– State that it was titled to them in error and they have no interest in the vehicle; list the actual owner.
– State the actual vehicle they did purchase, if applicable.
Lien release, if applicable, as follows:
– On lienholder letterhead.
– Full description of vehicle including year, make, model and complete vehicle identification number.
– State the titled owner’s name(s).
– State the lienholder has no financial interest in the vehicle, or explain the interest and corresponding owner.
NOTE: The title may reflect satisfaction of the lien in lieu of a lien release letter.
Copy of Lease Agreement(s) if applicable
Copy of the contract / bill-of-sale linking the correct owner and VIN.
Copy of current registration or registration receipt.
Lease Cancellation, if applicable, as follows:
– BA-49 form completed on the front in its entirety and signed by a company official.
– Include lease cancellation date, which must be different from the lease inception date.
NOTE: An original letter from the leasing company stating all of the above information may be submitted in lieu of a BA-49 card.
Lessee Add, if applicable, as follows:
– BA-49 form completed in the correct leasing company’s name with correct Lessee information.
Form ISM/SS-85C – Financing Statement to add correct lien, if applicable.

Attached below are both a checklist and template letters related to requests for correction of ownership.
If you have any questions, please contact Title Services at (609) 883.6330, ext. 4 or via email at [email protected].

Owner Correction Packet