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Duplicate Title with New Jersey Proof of Ownership

Defined as: The most common procedure for acquiring a duplicate title showing the current information existing on the New Jersey MV system. This is only necessary when the physical title is unavailable. If a title is available, but damaged, the procedure is called ‘replacement’ title. Ask NJ CAR Title Services staff for instructions if this applies to your situation.

Required Paperwork:

  1. Proof of ownership in the form of a New Jersey insurance card or registration card showing the connection of the owner to the Vehicle Identification number. The card(s) may be current or expired.
  2. OS/SS-52 Application for Duplicate Title Form
  3. Lien Release or a Letter of Authorization from lienholder allowing a duplicate title to be issued.
  4. Authorization Letter signed by the titled owner allowing a duplicate title to be issued.
  5. Proof of payoff is required if the vehicle is within 5 model years.

The Exceptions:

In cases where proof of ownership isn’t available, request the alternate directions from Title Services staff. When an out-of-state resident is applying for a New Jersey title, additional information is required.

Below is a procedure checklist for requesting a duplicate title with proof of ownership. If you have any questions, please contact Title Services at (609) 883.6330, ext. 4 or via email at [email protected].

Checklist for Duplicate Title with Proof of Ownership