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Online auction for buying & selling wholesale vehicles

ACV Auctions offer members a portable, low-cost, no-risk option for selling used vehicles that brings tremendous value to dealers:

ACV does virtually all the work. Simply provide them a list of the vehicles you want to sell (with VIN, reserve price and other pertinent information) and ACV will create a top-of-the-line condition report, take dozens of photos and launch the vehicle(s) in a live, 20-minute online auction. Thousands of potential buyers will receive an alert when a new vehicle is added.

If the bidding does not reach the dealer’s reserve price, ACV’s inside sales team contacts the high bidder within minutes and tries to get them to increase their bid to the reserve price or negotiate a price agreeable to both parties.

ACV boasts a 60% sale rate. Imagine selling 6 of every 10 used vehicles you used to bring to auction and the money that could be saved on reconditioning, detailing, transportation, condition reports and listing fees.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration of the ACV Auction platform, please call NJ CAR at 609.883.5056 and we will coordinate a short demonstration with an ACV representative.

Sign up is easy

A copy of your dealer license and tax ID lets dealers sign-up in minutes.

One flat rate

$150 for every vehicle sold, regardless of the final purchase price

No sign up, subscription, list or re-run fees

In fact, THE DEALER PAYS NOTHING…. until the vehicle is sold. Dealers can save as much as $250-$450 per vehicle sold, when compared to fees charged by other auctions.

Outperforms other wholesale avenues.