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Import Vehicles/Foreign Title

Dealerships are sometimes asked to process paperwork for Import Vehicles. An Import is any vehicle purchased from overseas or Canada. Other than the exceptions noted in Section 4 (Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Government Auction Vehicles), these documents must be processed centrally at the NJMVC Foreign Title Unit.

Acquiring Title to an Import Vehicle Using an MCO or Foreign Title


An MCO in an individual’s name must be titled directly to the individual before anyone else can be titled to the vehicle.
The Foreign Title Unit is capable of producing a “title only” or a title/registration transaction. The applicant must indicate the need for plates if that is the case.
OS/SS-7 Application for Certificate of Ownership Form.
New Jersey Sales Tax Satisfied Stamp on the back of the OS/SS-7 Form, if the titled party is a dealership.
BA-49 Application for Registration Form, if the party wishes to register the vehicle.
A separate check for the amount of 7% of the declared value of the vehicle at customs. (Box 11 of the Collection Receipt.)
HS-7 U.S. Customs Declaration Form – original or carbon/NCR copies. No photocopies are accepted.
Shipping documents/Bill of Lading. (Original or carbon copy.)
Customs entry form with stamp. (Original or carbon copy.)
Foreign/Tourist/Temporary Registration/Military registration. (Original only.)
NJMVC Corpcode, if the vehicle is to be titled to a business.
EPA-3520-1 Form.
Original Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, Title of Foreign Title.
Pencil tracing or digital photo of the VIN. Form ISM/SS-321, Certification of Vehicle Identification Number, may be used only if it is impossible to provide a pencil tracing or digital photo due to the location of the VIN plate.
Form BA-208 Application for Drivers License will allow DMV to issue ID only for nonresident military.
Letter of authorization for NJ CAR employee to pick up title/registration for the customer.

Checklist for Import Vehicle Using a Certificate

Checklist for Import Title from Foreign Title / MCO

NJ CAR recommends dealerships contact the Title Services Division for assistance when confronted with Import vehicles.

NJ CAR Title Services
770 River Road
Trenton, NJ 08628
Phone: 609.883.6330, Ext. 4 – Fax: 609.883.6683

Dealerships also have the option of sending the appropriate documents for an Import Vehicle directly to the NJMVC offices at the following address. Due to privacy regulations, NJ CAR is unable to obtain information regarding the status of documents submitted directly from a dealership to the NJMVC.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Special Title Unit
P. O. Box 017
225 East State Street
Trenton, NJ 08666-0017

TIP: VEHICLES IMPORTED FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY MAY SHOW KILOMETERS rather than miles on the odometer. The conversion formula to change kilometers into miles is as follows: kilometers x 0.62 = miles.

If you have any questions, please contact Title Services at (609) 883.6330, ext. 4 or via email at [email protected].