60.5 Million Vehicles Were Recalled In 2014 (01/20/2015)
U.S. automobile recalls surpassed the 60 million mark for the first time in a single year. The 60.5 million total in 2014 is almost double the previous annual record of 30.8 million recalled ... more 
U.S. Consumer Sentiment At Highest Point Since January 2007 (01/20/2015)
According to a survey by the University of Michigan, U.S. consumers are more optimistic about the economy than at any other time in the past eight years, thanks to continued improvement of jo ... more 
Analyst Forecasts 17 Million U.S. Sales In 2015, 20 Million In 2018 (01/20/2015)
According to analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the U.S. auto retail industry will sell over 17 million vehicles in 2015 and sales could reach 20 million in 2018. In 2014, U.S. sales gr ... more 
NJ CAR's 2015 Motor Vehicle Title Clerk Certification Coming In March (01/20/2015)
NJ CAR will be hosting two, three-day sessions of its VERY popular and informative Motor Vehicle Title Clerk Certification Program in March. Individuals who successfully complete this Progr ... more 
Follow NJ CAR On Facebook & Twitter (01/14/2015)
For those dealers and dealership employees that are active in social media, NJ CAR wants to make you aware that the Coalition has vastly increased its use of social media, particularly Facebook, to pr ... more 
Download The FREE NJ CAR Mobile Phone App (01/14/2015)
NJ CAR launched its mobile phone application for both the iPhone and Android smartphone platforms late last year, allowing the Coalition to utilize the latest technology to communicate with its dealer ... more 
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Volvo and the 'sweet hereafter'
Excruciatingly long product lead times have always challenged automakers, who have to figure out what will sell four or five years hence.... more 
Ford's new F-150 and Transit face tough scrutiny from pundits, competitors
Ford now has two risky new high-profile vehicles on sale -- the aluminum-bodied F-150 pickup and the new Euro-styled Transit cargo van -- so pundits and competitors naturally are looking for weaknesses. And they found a few this week.... more 
Group 1 and Prestige settle Fla. buy-sell dispute
A dispute between Prestige Motor Car Imports and Group 1 Automotive over a buy-sell deal in Florida gone wrong is settled and the deal is back on -- for now, both sides said.... more 
Lending by credit unions, others grew in 2014
Credit unions and other lenders are beginning to release data that confirm what the industry knows: Last year, when U.S. new light-vehicle sales rose 6 percent, was a very good year for vehicle lending.... more 
Don't get mad, get a lawyer, panelists say
Dealers who get warning letters from lenders accusing them of loan discrimination should resist the temptation to stick the letters in a drawer or, worse, fire off angry replies on their own, said panelists last week at a legal compliance workshop...... more 
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