NJ CAR Clean Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all how important it is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  New Jersey’s neighborhood new car and truck dealerships immediately responded, pledging to ensure the ongoing health and safety of customers and employees visiting and working at their 500+ facilities across the Garden State. 


Dealers participating in the NJ CAR CLEAN program have an ongoing commitment to customers, employees, and the wider communities in which they operate. Employees responsible for overseeing and managing the health and safety of the dealership are trained, tested, and certified.  

NJ CAR CLEAN provides the safe practices consumers expect when shopping at their local new car or truck dealership. Dealers that are NJ CAR Clean certified make your car buying or servicing appointment a healthy experience. 

The NJ CAR CLEAN Certification Program provides dealers with an industry-specific infectious disease control and prevention plan that shows their commitment to the health and safety of customers and employees. 

Participating dealerships adopt a written policy, effective cleaning and disinfecting strategies and receive training and resources to stop the spread of infectious disease, including COVID-19.

  • NJ CAR Clean means you, the consumer, can be assured that your vehicle is professionally cleaned and sanitized every time you visit the dealership.
  • NJ CAR Clean provides an effective management blueprint and communications tool for customers and employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases at the dealership.
  • NJ CAR Clean adapts to current and changing CDC and OSHA guidelines, as well as all other Federal and State regulations, legislative orders and guidelines  

New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJ CAR) has been providing advocacy, training, and compliance education to New Jersey’s new car and truck dealers for more than 100 years. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, NJ CAR has created the NJ CAR Clean program to support neighborhood new car dealerships in creating a healthy and safe place to visit.  

CDC Covid-19 Guidelines

OSHA Covid-19 Guidelines

New Jersey Covid-19 Information Hub


DEALERS:  Call NJ CAR (609.883.5056) to find out the dates and times of our upcoming free virtual training.  Once your dealership completes the training, we will provide you with a starter kit of collateral materials to publicize what you are doing to make sure your employees and customers are safe.