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Web Services Scam

Jun 24, 2005

A dealer member has notified NJ CAR about an invoice scam they recently received from a Plattsburgh, New York-based company.The $467.95 “invoice” is for “web services.”There is no language detailing what services were supposedly provided, nor is there any indication that the “invoice” is not a bill, even though the service was never ordered by the dealership. The dealership said they called the company at the phone number included on the “invoice” and left two messages.On a third try they actually spoke with someone who said the invoice was mailed to them by mistake.The invoice is clearly addressed to the dealership. As always, NJ CAR recommends utilizing purchase order numbers for any product or service ordered by your facility.It is also important to match up the order number with the product or service being billed, so an enterprising scam artist doesn’t fool your accounts payable department by making it appear that a purchase order has been used.