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WARNING! Do Not Accept Calls Or Deal With Individuals Asking Questions About Your Dealership’s Energy Bills!

Jul 01, 2016

NJ CAR is again receiving calls and complaints from dealer members of phone calls or individuals stopping by their dealerships claiming to represent the public utility or the dealership’s current third party electric supplier. These individuals are very persistent, even to the point of being obnoxious, and will tell you (or your employees) they need to reclassify your usage and can definitely save the dealership money. These individuals will claim they just need to “see” your bills, but will then copy your account numbers and switch your dealership to another energy provider.

To Put It Simply, Throw Them Out Or Hang Up On Them!

ANY conversation with ANY person in your dealership (clerk, office manager, cleaning service, etc.) can cause your account to be slammed and an account opened with another energy provider. Once slammed, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for the dealer to get out of the agreement with the new provider—even though the individual spoken with at your dealership does not have the authority to bind your dealership to an agreement with a new energy provider—and can often cause additional penalties to be assessed by the dealership’s current energy provider for early termination of its agreement with your dealership.

PLEASE – inform all of your personnel – if any one calls or visits claiming to represent your current energy provider – tell them the dealership is an NJ CAR member and advise them to contact Gail Caputi at the Coalition (609.760.2043). NJ CAR will be happy to verify the legitimacy of the individuals who are attempting to see copies of your dealership’s energy bills—no matter what program you are using.