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Sign Up For NJ CAR’s Grassroots Network

Oct 06, 2020

NJ CAR continues to build a powerful network of grassroots supporters to engage with their elected officials.  If you haven’t already done so, please go to and fill in the four requested fields, or you can text NJCAR to 52886 and sign up on your mobile phone and join in just a few seconds.  If you’ve already signed up with a work or personal email, double the impact of your voice and sign up with another valid email address.

The Coalition isn’t asking anyone to get involved in politics.  This is about policy and helping NJ CAR build a network of industry supporters who are ready to act to support or oppose legislation that impacts our industry.

NJ CAR defends the franchise system, promotes legislation benefiting our industry and works to defeat bills that would be harmful to the 510 New Jersey neighborhood new car dealerships and the 39,000 men and women that depend on those dealerships for their livelihoods.  The Coalition’s work is amplified when the voices of thousands of committed supporters are behind their efforts.

Our adversaries are very well organized and have thousands of supporters ready to contact their legislators on a moment’s notice.  That’s why it is vital that you help NJ CAR build a powerful grassroots network of industry supporters.

Please take a minute and fill out NJ CAR’s brief contact form at or text NJCAR to 52886.