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NJ CAR Hosts Webinar On Safeguards Rule Compliance

Mar 21, 2023

While some aspects of the Safeguards Rule have been delayed until June 9, 2023, that doesn’t mean dealers should see this as a reason to push off their compliance efforts. Through its recent actions, the FTC continues to penalize companies that violate the FTC Act for poor data protection, consumer consent, and cybersecurity efforts. The FTC has said dealerships are next on the enforcement list!

NJ CAR hosted a webinar with Sherryl Nens, VP of ComplyAuto, Greyson Hannigan, NJ CAR Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs and Judy Vann, CEO of JV Solutions to learn more about which requirements dealers should be compliant with currently and which go into effect on June 9th, such as:

  • Which rules were delayed, which have not, therefore, effective now
  • New technical requirements that could mean software upgrades
  • Why you should care about Consumer Privacy Rights or Cookie Banners
  • How to manage vendor responsibilities under the FTC Safeguard Rules
  • Things you can do today to make your dealership data more secure

Safeguards Update Webinar Slides

Click below to view a recording of the webinar, as well as the Q&A at the end of the presentation: