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Qualified AYES Interns Looking for An Opportunity

Jul 15, 2004

This summer, nearly 40 students from more than 10 schools around the State are working as Automotive Youth Educational System (AYES) interns.There are still 16 qualified students from AYES looking for the opportunity to prove themselves and demonstrate their skills as productive members of a dealership repair team. In the past three years, almost 200 AYES interns have been placed at New Jersey dealerships.There are many long-term benefits to our industry from dealership participation in this program.In the short-term, participation in the program can help your dealership fill a critical staffing need during the busy summer repair season. If your dealership is looking for a short-term boost (and long-term rewards) to its service department from a motivated student, please contact Mark McAleer at NJ CAR headquarters, 609.883.5056, ext. 332, for more information.For additional information regarding AYES, visit the NJ CAR website ( and click on the AYES information link.