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NJMVC Power of Attorney Update Quick Reference Guide/ Register For NJ CAR’s Latest POA Review- August 16 @ 11:00 AM

Jul 31, 2023

NJ CAR drafted a POA_Quick_Reference_Guide to help dealerships simplify the requirements for the new POAs and new rules surrounding the Dealer POA.

The chart is meant to be a quick guide and not a comprehensive review of every detail. For a full explanation of the uses and requirements for the new POAs, please refer to the recording of NJ CAR’s July 14th webinar, the accompanying PowerPoint presentation and the comprehensive FAQs found HERE.

You may also choose to register for NJ CAR’s August 16th webinar which will review the new POA requirements ahead of the September 15, 2023 compliance deadline.

As always, NJ CAR staff remain available for any questions you may have.