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NJMVC Introduces Universal Title Application To Replace Multiple Prior Forms

Mar 05, 2020

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission recently introduced a Universal Title Application (OS/SS-UTA R1/20) that will be used to apply for duplicate, replacement and vessel titles; to apply for title correction, and to add a lien or remove a lien.

The UTA will also be used in situations that previously required Form OS/SS-7 (often referred to as a CO-7), such as applying for a New Jersey title when a vehicle was previously titled outside of New Jersey, or submitting paperwork for ATVs, trailers, or non-titled units of any kind.

NJ CAR encourages anyone involved in processing motor vehicle work at the dealership to view a 4-minute web tutorial available at, which will answer many potential questions regarding the UTA.

The following Forms have been replaced by the UTA:

♦ Duplicate Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-52);

♦ Application for Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-7);

♦ Application for Certificate of title for Vessel (OS/SS-27);

♦ Vehicle Correction Application (MVS-2); and

♦ Financing Statement a/k/a Add Lien Application (OS/SS-85C).

Dealerships are required to affix a New Jersey Sales Tax Stamp to the UTA when applying for initial title. The Tax Stamp should be placed on the front, top border of the form. If it will not fit in the border, stamp the back of the UTA. The UTA will be accepted by agencies throughout New Jersey. NJMVC has graciously agreed to allow dealerships to utilize either the older forms or the UTA during an adjustment period. The interim period will allow dealerships to eliminate old forms and incorporate the UTA into their electronic databases.

Although NJMVC has not announced a clear cutoff date for the old forms, dealerships are encouraged to dispose of the old forms and transition to the new UTA as soon as possible.