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NJMVC Clarifies Dealership Responsibilities Regarding The September 15th Power-of-Attorney Implementation Date

Jul 28, 2023

NJMVC has clarified the implementation date of September 15, 2023 for the new Power-of-Attorney forms (POAs).

As you are aware, September 15th is the FINAL deadline for implementation of the new Non-Secure POA (NSPOA), if you choose to implement it; the mandatory Secure POA (SPOA); the new Odometer Disclosure Statement (OS/SS-2); and the new rules for Dealer POAs (mandatory).

NJMVC considers the period before September 15, 2023 as a phase-in period. Dealerships must be implementing the new POAs starting NOW.

This means that any motor vehicle transaction submitted AFTER September 15, 2023, for sales that occurred BEFORE September 15th, MUST USE THE NEW POAs.

After September 15, 2023, all motor vehicle transactions for SALES OCCURRING PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 15THmust conform to the new POAs and new rules for Dealer POAs (whether they are submitted to a local NJMVC Agency or to NJ CAR for processing) or else they will be REJECTED

If these motor vehicle transactions are submitted to local NJMVC Agencies or NJ CAR before September 15, 2023 for processing, they can use current POAs or the new POAs.

Dealerships should not wait to implement these new POAs and new rules.

If you have questions about the POAs, please contact any of the following Coalition staff members:

You can find a recording of NJ CAR’s July 14th POA Update Webinar, as well as slides and a comprehensive FAQ HERE.