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NJ CAR Services, Inc. Online Store Coming In September

Jul 30, 2004

NJ CAR launched its new website ( in April and, to date, more than 1,500 of you have registered for access, with nearly 400 dealerships represented among the registrants.In the past few months we’ve added a tremendous amount of information and useful functionality, including the OFAC Terrorist Search list and a page dedicated to the NJ CAR Annual Meeting & Business Expo.The feedback we’ve received has been universally positive. NJ CAR and NJ CAR Services, Inc. is proud to announce yet another online resource—the NJ CAR Services, Inc. Online Catalog and Store.The “store” is expected to launch in mid-September, just a few weeks from now. Once the store launches, simply click on the “Shop Now!” icon in the middle of the NJ CAR homepage ( and you’ll be transported to an electronic catalog containing dozens of products sold through NJ CAR Services, Inc.Whether you need forms, shirts, and giveaways for your potential customers or items for your service, parts, or sales departments, you will find it in NJ CAR Services Online Catalog and Store. NJ CAR Services, Inc. has always made the ordering process easy for its customers and this online presence is just the latest example of working to further improve customer service. Look for more details and updates on the Online Store in upcoming issues of the NewsLetter, as we complete the finishing touches on NJ CAR’s latest valuable member service.If you have any questions regarding the NJ CAR website or Online Catalog & Store, please contact Brian Hughes, Director of Communications, at 609.883.5056, ext. 315.