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NJ CAR Safety Tip: Proper Use Of Hand & Power Tools

Mar 07, 2016

NJ CAR is committed to helping dealers develop a workplace safety culture that becomes second nature. Don’t wait until an accident happens to focus on safety. Reduce the chance of injury and protect your bottom line with simple, common-sense changes.

For the health and safety of yourself and your co-workers, conduct a visual inspection prior to using hand and power tools. If the tool is broken, cracked, missing parts, incorrect parts, or is worn down, immediately take the tool out of service, lock and tag it! Some common problems that make hand tools unusable:

•Chipped or broken drill bits.•Split or cracked handles.•Tools with missing parts.•Wrenches with torn-out jaws.•Chisels and wedges with mushroomed heads.

Power tools (including shop grinders) are extremely dangerous machines. Before use, take all necessary precautions and follow all safety requirements. At a minimum make sure to:

•Wear proper eye, hearing and respiratory protection.•Replace cracked tool blades.•Never place or use wrong parts on a tool. •Follow all manufacturer specifications.•Do not stand directly in front of a grinding wheel when it is first starting. Make sure others are clear of injury, as well.•Make sure grinder speed and wheel are compatible, as fracturing of the grinding wheel can occur, if they are NOT compatible.•Avoid all grinding on the side of the wheel.•Replace broken, missing, inoperative guards/parts and adjust improperly placed guards. •Look for defective on/off switches damage to the grounding wire, or insufficient grounding. •Ensure dust control is in place.•Check hydraulic lines for leaks.

REMEMBER: Improper use and defective tools cause serious injury including: puncture wounds, deep cuts, loss of sight, loss of limbs and even death in some circumstances. Failing to take proper safety precautions will eventually lead to a work-related injury that could have been avoided.

For more information on the NJ CAR Workers’ Compensation Program and its Zero Injury Program, please contact Charles Russo, NJ CAR’s Risk Manager & Safety Specialist, at 609.883.5056, Ext. 314, or send an email to [email protected].