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NJ CAR Safety Tip: Defensive Driving In Winter Conditions

Jan 18, 2016

NJ CAR is committed to helping dealers develop a workplace safety culture that becomes second nature. Don’t wait until an accident happens to focus on safety. Reduce the chance of injury and protect your bottom line with simple, common-sense changes.Despite the mild weather through much of December, the cold weather is arriving more frequently since the calendar changed to 2016. Inclement weather will become more likely in the coming weeks.

It takes extra effort and caution to drive safely in ice, sleet and snow. Injuries from car accidents not only cause undue pain and suffering, but are extremely costly and time consuming for any business. To minimize their impact, dealership employees must be extra vigilant during the winter months.

Please remind all of your employees to take additional precautions to avoid potentially life threatening and costly accidents.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when driving in inclement weather:

•Conduct a vehicle safety inspection before driving. •Always wear a seatbelt and insist that passengers wear them, as well.•Preplan your route and be aware of potential changes to weather conditions.•Slow down, allowing ample time to reach your destination and avoid speeding.•Always allow ample space between your vehicle and the vehicle directly in front of you.

For more information on NJ CAR Workers’ Compensation Program and its Zero Injury Program, please contact Charles Russo, NJ CAR’s Risk Manager & Safety Specialist, at 609.883.5056, Ext. 314, or via email to [email protected].