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NJ CAR Hosts Webinar On Complying With The Revised Safeguards Rule

Jan 04, 2022

New Changes Go Into Effect On January 10, 2022

NJ CAR hosted a free webinar on Tuesday, January 4th to teach participants about the new FTC Safeguards Rule amendments and what they mean for dealership compliance.

The webinar was conducted by Chris Cleveland, Co-Founder and CEO of ComplyAuto.

The changes to the Safeguards Rule are extensive and impose a series of technical and administrative requirements on dealers, particularly as it relates to Data Protection and Cyber Security Protocols. Dealers must act immediately in order to ensure they are in compliance with these new rules.

Chris has spent more than a decade specializing in automotive regulatory compliance and provided participants with a variety of tips to help dealerships reinforce their data protection and cybersecurity protocols.

Safeguards Rule Compliance Manual

Complying With The Revised Safeguards Rule Slide Presentation

View a recording of the webinar by clicking on the image below: