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NJ CAR Helps New Jersey DEP With Clean Water Campaign

Feb 08, 2008

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) adopted new rules in 2004 to reduce polluted storm water runoff, which threatens the State’s water quality.

NJCAR is helping the NJDEP spread its message by providing all dealerships with a postcard to handout to car owners with information on the dangers oil has on our environment. The image on the postcard is that of a car driving along a beach at sunset. The accompanying text says “If your car leaks oil in the driveway, you might as well let it leak in the ocean.” The NJDEP is asking dealers to distribute the postcards in their dealerships.

The reverse side of the card stresses the importance of proper vehicle maintenance to minimize the vehicles impact on the environment. It also provides information on why clean water is important and gives other suggestions on how individuals can help protect their environment.

The cards are one facet of the NJDEP’s Clean Water Campaign. Dealers can request a supply of up to 200 cards, free of charge, by contacting the Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control at 609.633.7021 or by e-mail to [email protected].