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NJ CAR Academy Hosts Half-Day Seminar On

May 17, 2012

June 7, 2012, 9:30 a.m. Until 1 p.m. In West Trenton, NJ

Sales Managers, Service Managers, BDC and Internet Personnel are encouraged to attend this new NJCAR Academy course offering. The success of your dealership, especially online, is based on your Website’s ability to generate a steady stream of consumers interested in buying your cars and trucks. Most automotive dealers are either too busy running their store or lack the Internet marketing expertise needed to generate this kind of traffic. Dave Regn, of Stream Companies, has put together a Workshop that will provide participants with eye-opening insight into how to utilize Google to market their dealership and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Remember, it’s not always the things you’re NOT doing, but sometimes the things you are doing that can negatively impact your efforts. This Workshop will help you better manage your dealership’s online marketing and reputation using all of Google’s tools while enhancing your personal Google IQ. The cost of this Program is $195 per person (Dealer Member). You can register for any NJ CAR Seminar or Workshop online at the NJ CAR Academy Page under education on the public side of the Coalition’s Website ( Simply select the Seminar or Workshop you are interested in and complete and submit the Registration Form available at the bottom of the course-specific page.