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New Jersey Congresspeople Sign On To Bill To Restore Dealer Rights

Jun 26, 2009

All but a handful of New Jersey’s 13 members of Congress have signed on to HR-2743, the Automobile Dealers Economic Rights Restoration Act. Congressmen Holt, LoBiondo, Payne and Garrett are the only hold-outs, as of this time. Dealers who do business in these Congressional Districts are urged to contact their Congressman and ask for their support. You can reach your Congressman by calling the US House of Representatives switchboard at 202.224.3121. Simply ask to be connected to your Congressman’s office.

New Jersey dealers have joined the chorus of dealers from all across the US who have been lobbying Congress to pass HR-2743, which seeks to reinstate and protect dealer rights that have been cast aside in the Chrysler and GM bankruptcy. Specifically, the new legislation will:

¨ Restore the protections of State Motor Vehicle Franchise Laws to General Motors and Chrysler dealers as they existed prior to each company’s bankruptcy;

¨ Preserve General Motors and Chrysler car dealers rights to recourse under State laws;

¨ Make clear that the legislation is not intended to void the court order to transfer of assets from Chrysler to new Chrysler or General Motors assets that could be approved by the court after the introduction of the act.

NJ CAR has learned that automakers are actively lobbying against this legislation, and even have sought to enlist the help of dealers who have not been terminated to lobby against the legislation. NJ CAR has reached out to Chrysler and GM dealers and urged them to stick together and recognize that this legislation offers more protection to dealers going forward than it does even to those who have been terminated.