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NADA Reports That New-CAR Dealership Employment And Wages Continue To Rise

Oct 15, 2018

Through the first half of 2018, the nearly 17,000 franchised new-car dealerships across the country directly employed more than 1.1 million people, up 0.8 percent compared to same period a year ago, according toData 2018, the mid-year report recently released by NADA. In addition to the direct employment provided by dealerships, more than 1 million other jobs in local communities are supported by dealerships.

In 2017, the annual payroll at new-car dealerships was $65.3 billion, up 2.2 percent over the prior year, according to the most recent data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual earnings for employees at new-car dealerships was $71,916 per year in 2017, up from $69,784 in 2016, a 3.1 percent increase.

NJ CAR plans to work closely with Governor Phil Murphy’s Administration on workplace development initiatives to address the many jobs STILL available in the franchised automotive retail industry, particularly the shortage of skilled auto technicians.