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MVC Has Backlog of Mileage and Owner Corrections

Mar 02, 2007

NJ CAR has learned that internal changes at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) Database Correction Unit (DBC) have led to a significant backlog of corrections. Title Corrections, which were previously resolved within two weeks, are currently projected to have a 6-8 week turnaround. In particular, mileage and owner corrections have been critically delayed. NJCAR recognizes the impact this delay has on dealerships, as well as their customers.

The Management and Supervisory staff of MVC’s DBC Unit has assured NJ CAR that every effort is being made to streamline processes and train additional staff. NJ CAR is in contact with DBC daily to obtain as many corrections as possible, and will continue to monitor the situation on behalf of our members.

Understandably, the phones in NJ CAR Title Services have been ringing non-stop with dealerships inquiring about the status of their corrections. In order to free the phone lines for general calls, please submit all requests for status of corrections via e-mail or fax (see below). Your cooperation will allow us to respond quickly and efficiently, while continuing to accept incoming calls for procedural information.

NJ CAR Title Services E-Mail: [email protected]

NJ CAR Title Services Fax: 609.530.0326