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It’s Easier And Less Expensive Than Ever To Become Green Certified

Sep 12, 2014

Take Advantage Of The Reduced NJGARP Application Fee – NOW ONLY $100!

The New Jersey Green Automotive Repair Program (NJGARP) was created to encourage all automotive repair facilities to implement environmentally-friendly business practices and recognize those facilities that meet certain requirements by certifying them as “green” businesses.

Dozens of facilities around the State have gone through the relatively painless process. Much of the information it measures are things that a Dealer or Service Manager would know off the top of their head and the hour it takes to go through the free self-assessment survey will be well-spent looking in every nook and cranny of your facility.

And now NJGARP has made it more affordable than ever to become “green” certified. Any facility that completes the survey and applies for “green” certification through September30, 2014, will have the application fee reduced to $100 (from the normal $275 fee).

NJCAR wants to see as many dealers as possible achieve this honor, which can be used extensively in the dealership’s marketing. It’s easy. Go to the NJGARP website:

  1. Download and complete the free self-assessment survey. It doesn’t cost a dollar to see where your facility is strong and where it may need improvement to be certified as a “green” facility.

  2. If you meet the point threshold for “green” certification, send in your completed survey with a $100 application fee, which will be applied toward your Review Fee, if your dealership is certified.

  3. An NJGARP representative will complete a brief, on-site review, working around YOUR schedule. If your facility passes, you pay your Review Fee (an additional $125 to $325, based on the number of service bays in the facility) and become officially “green” certified.

Your dealership will be added to the NJGARP Website of certified facilities, mirrored on the NewJersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Website and will receive a variety of marketing materials so you can make sure your current and prospective customers know you are a certified “green” facility.