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How Can NJ CAR Telecom Help Your Dealership?

Feb 10, 2016

Complete A Six-Question Survey And Give Us Feedback To Help Us Improve

Change is hard. Especially when dealing with a critical business lifeline, such as your dealership’s phone and Internet service. As the saying goes, “If it isn’t broke, why fix it.” NJ CAR understands dealers’ concerns about making changes to their telecommunications provider. But, with the ever-changing telecom industry, the Coalition has a customer-focused staff and committed partners to assist members with managing their telecommunications services. Dealership’s participating in the Coalition’s Telecom Program are not simply an account number, like they are at the larger providers.

NJ CAR has partners in North and South Jersey to provide telecom services and to see what best fits your dealership’s telecom needs. We have some exciting products such as PRI T1s for voice, Internet and Hosted Phone Systems, with a wide array of features to benefit your dealership. Most of all, we have dedicated NJ CAR staff that will be your point of contact for any questions or issues that may arise. They will handle the contact with the provider, saving your dealership staff the aggravation.

We want to improve. Please complete the short, six-question NJ CAR Telecom Survey attached to this NewsLetter and return it to NJ CAR. We will take the feedback received and work to improve the Coalition’s Telecommunications Program.

To learn more, please contact the NJ CAR Telecom Program at 609.883.5056, Ext. 408.