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Holman Automotive Receives AFIP Culture of Compliance Award

Sep 20, 2018” alt=”” width=”300″ hspace=”10″ vspace=”10″ border=”0″ align=”right”> 09/20/2018

The Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals (AFIP) recently announced that Holman Automotive is the first New Jersey dealership to receive its Culture of Compliance award. The award recognizes Holman’s commitment to ensuring that all consumer transactions are conducted in compliance with State and federal regulations. Dealerships that are given this award have proven that they maintain the highest ethical standards throughout the vehicle sales, funding, and owner protection sales phases of a vehicle purchase or lease.

Since 1924, Holman Automotive has grown to 36 dealership franchises, representing 17 brands in several states. The organization has always viewed training and empowering its employees as critical to the dealership’s success.

NJ CAR congratulates Holman Automotive on receiving the Culture of Compliance Award from AFIP.

Caption for photo: From (L-R)- Matthew Newell, Corporate Counsel, Holman Automotive; Judy Vann Karstadt, MPFS, CEO, JV Solutions; Mr. Joseph S. Holman, Chairman Emeritus, Holman Enterprises; Char Renne, Compliance Manager, Holman Enterprises; Anthony Anastasio, Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs, NJCAR.