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Executive Order 195 Allows Counties & Towns To Impose Restrictions on Non-Essential Retail; Has NO IMPACT On Auto Retailers Deemed Essential

Nov 13, 2020

Yesterday, Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 195, which permits municipalities and counties to impose additional restrictions on the hours of operation of non-essential retail businesses, food and beverage establishments, and recreation and entertainment businesses after 8:00 p.m.
Since new and used car dealerships are deemed essential retail businesses pursuant to Administrative Order 2020-15, they will NOT be subject to local control pursuant to this new order.
In other words, this new order has no effect on NJ CAR’s members. Rather, New Jersey’s new car dealers must continue to follow the requirements of all pre-existing Executive and Administrative Orders issued by the State.
Please advise NJ CAR IMMEDIATELY if you become aware of any local efforts to restrict motor vehicle sales or service activities in your community. Just because the Governor’s Order doesn’t permit local or county government from imposing further restriction of new car dealers doesn’t mean some local or county officials won’t attempt to do so.
In the meantime, please redouble your efforts to implement employee and consumer health and safety protocols at your dealership. Our best defense against overreaction by local public health officials is a good offense.
If you have questions about what to do or how to implement best health and safety practices and what’s required of your dealership, consult the NJ CLEAN program webpage at You can also contact Breanna Esquilin, NJ CAR Director of Workforce Development at 609.883.5056, x309 or [email protected], as well as Charles Russo, NJ CAR Risk Manager and Safety Specialist at 609.883.5056, x314 or [email protected].