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Don’t Get Slammed!

Feb 10, 2016

Do Not Be Fooled By Anyone Asking For InformationAbout Your Energy Bills Or Other Products And Services

All employees should be advised not to discuss any dealership business—“energy” or otherwise—over the phone or even with walk-ins. Do not provide any information (current suppliers’ names, invoice amounts or usage, account numbers, etc.) to anyone. Simply ask the person to send a request in writing, tell them you will pass the information along to the appropriate person and hang up. Do not engage in a conversation.

Recently, several NJ CAR dealers have been contacted by individuals claiming to work for (and even providing business cards from) the dealership’s local utility. If you are part of the NJ CAR Electric Program, these calls should be referred to NJ CAR or Sprague Energy, (Michael Jahangani, 732.982.8486). Even a conversation on the phone, or providing account numbers or copies of bills, can cause your account to be “slammed” or transferred to another provider, usually resulting in costly penalties. If you are not part of the NJ CAR Electric Program, tell the caller to send something in writing for your consideration and end the call quickly.

If you are looking for competitive bids on any product or service, then you should be the one initiating the contacts. Dealers should provide strict guidelines to all their personnel to prevent your dealership from being slammed.