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Contact NJ CAR For A Hole-In-One Quote BEFORE Booking With Any Other Program

Apr 18, 2017

The 2017 golf season is finally upon us and dealers are likely receiving calls, emails, and flyers from Hole-in-One insurance companies claiming they have the lowest premiums in the industry. NJ CAR has offered its own Hole-in-One Insurance Program for nearly 20 years, and the Program has earned a stellar reputation.

Armed with the length of the hole being insured, value of the “prize,” and the number of players participating in the event, it takes just a few minutes to get a quote from NJ CAR. You can either access the Hole-in-One page on the Members’ side of the NJ CAR Website (, or call NJ CAR Headquarters at 609.883.5056, Ext. “0” to obtain a quote.

If your dealership has not previously participated in NJ CAR’s Hole-in-One Program, as a first-time participant, you are eligible to receive 33% off your 1st event and 20% off your 2nd event. The NJ CAR Hole-in-One Program offers TREMENDOUS VALUE, including:

For EVERY five (5) events booked, the 6th event is FREE (not to exceed the average premium of the previous five (5) events);?Option to insure a vehicle OR a cash prize only;?Two levels of premium—one with personalized signage and the other without;?Reusable four-color signs that have the fastest turnaround time in the market;?15% discount on all NJ CAR Services, Inc. golf-related products ordered for the event;?Incredible Customer Service, including insuring last minute events that can be handled with a phone call, faxed application, and credit card information;?Auxiliary prizes of $500 for three additional par 3 holes at no additional charge; and?In the event of a winner, the prize value is restored at the designated hole.

If there is a cash prize winner at your event, NJ CAR will provide your dealership with a “presentation check” (at no additional cost) to use as a photo opportunity with the sponsoring charity.

Take 60 seconds and you will see how NJ CAR can save you money on your Hole-in-One event! If you have any questions, please contact NJ CAR Headquarters at 609.883.5056.