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Bring NJ CAR Academy Training INTO Your Dealership- Save Time & Travel

Mar 12, 2013

Retail automotive sales have been on the up-swing for the past two years and 2013 is expected to continue that trend. As business continues to improve, dealers want to make sure their management team is provided with the latest training opportunities and is kept informed of the latest trends and issues impacting the industry. The only thing holding many dealers back from allowing their team to participate in NJ CAR’s extensive training is the fact that you need your employees in your showroom or shop.The NJ CAR Academy offers a solution that lets you have the best of both worlds. We can customize virtually any Seminar we offer and bring it to your dealership, as long as you have a minimum number of individuals to be trained (either from your dealership or a localized group of dealerships).Whether you are interested in our latest training, such as the Legal Forms Matrix Compliance Seminar hosted by NJ CAR’s Patrick Cox, or a Compliance Seminar topic such as Red Flags and Safeguards Rule Compliance, we can work with your dealership to create a program to address your specific training needs.Dealerships interested in learning more about the Coalition’s In-House Training Programs should contact Judy Vann at 732.492.1818.