The NJ CAR A.T.A.P. was developed with dealers needs in mind. NJ CAR understands the impact the ongoing (and worsening) technician shortage has on your service department AND your bottom line.

A.T.A.P. was created to build a flourishing pipeline for job seekers and dealership employers. The Coalition will work to promote the many benefits of auto tech careers in an effort to increase the number of people electing to pursue this rewarding career.

Existing entry-level technicians can be enrolled in A.T.A.P. to help them advance to the next stages in their automotive career, while the dealership brings in new apprentices to replace those entry-level positions.

NJ CAR can subsidize partial wages and mentoring costs associated with apprentices. We will also cover 100% of the training costs for new apprentices through a local technical school.

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Breanna Datello Esquilin
Director of Workforce Development
Phone: (609) 403-7571
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