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Hole-In-One Program

If you’ve never offered a vehicle from your dealership as a prize for a Hole-in-One event at a local golf outing, you are missing out on a very inexpensive way to get tremendous exposure, show great community spirit, and support worthy local charitiesall while spending only a few dollars. Depending on the value of the vehicle and the number of players, insuring a donated car against a Hole-in-One winner can cost as little as $252.

Dealerships can even save 10-20% off the rates of other major Hole-in-One insurance providers by choosing NJ CAR’s Program. Armed with just the length of the hole being insured, value of the “prize” being insured and the number of players participating in the event, it takes just moments to get a quote from NJ CAR.


Participants have the choice of insuring a cash prize in lieu of a vehicle. In addition, there are two options available for insuring a cash prize:

  • The Hole-in-One winner receives 100% of the cash prize; OR 50% of the cash prize is awarded to the Hole-in-One winner and 50% is awarded by the dealership directly to the sponsoring charity.


Keep in mind that the Coalition’s Program provides members with a source for obtaining Hole-in-One insurance coverage at very reasonable and discounted prices. What other program offers all of the following:

  • Flexibility in ordering – Order online and pay the invoice by credit card.
  • For every five (5) events you book, the 6th event is FREE or discounted based on the average premium of the previous five (5) events.
  • The option to insure a vehicle OR a cash prize only.
  • Two levels of premium: one with personalized signage and another without.
  • Reusable 4-color signs that can be reused throughout the year, saving the dealership money.
  • Incredible Customer Service, including last minute events that can be handled with a phone and credit card payment.
  • Auxiliary prizes of $500 for three additional par 3 holes at no additional charge.
  • In the event of a winner, the prize value is restored at the designated holes.

NOTE: If your dealership has not previously participated in NJ CAR’s Hole-in-One Program, you may be eligible to receive 33% off your 1st event and 20% off the 2nd event.

Click HERE to access the 2024 Hole-In-One Online Portal!

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Verdi at 609.883.5056, x301 or via email at [email protected].