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What Does The TK Holdings, Inc. Bankruptcy Mean For Airbag Recall Customers

Nov 09, 2017

NJ CAR has been contacted by several dealers regarding notices that have been mailed out by General Motors regarding the impact of TK Holdings, Inc. bankruptcy and what it means for the airbag recalls impacting millions of vehicle owners.

NJ CAR recommends that dealers who receive questions from customers regarding GM’s recent postcard mailing on the TK holdings bankruptcy, advise them to go to or call 1.888.327.4236 to check if their vehicle is under recall for its airbag inflators. The website is searchable by either VIN or license plate number.

If the customers’ vehicle isn’t under recall for the airbag inflators nothing else is required. If the customer’s vehicle IS under recall, they need to do two things:

1)Register their email address at or they will not receive any further notices; and2)File a proof of claim at

The Proof of Claim must be filed by December 27, 2017.