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Vehicle Supply Is Back In Line With Consumer Demand

Nov 21, 2013

According to, the average number of days to sell a vehicle across the industry during the third quarter of 2013 was 62 days, up from a low of 51 days in 2010, when vehicle production couldn’t keep up with pent-up demand. An average in the 60-65 day range is considered healthy.The number of days it takes manufacturers (and their fanchisees) to sell vehicles has increased during each of the last six quarters.Manufacturers aim for an average of 60 days on most vehicles. This allows them to ensure an adequate supply to meet demand in case of a short-term interruption to manufacturing for any reason. If the average climbs into the 70’s, it indicates that there are too many of a particular model to sell at a constant rate and incentives tend to be increased in order to lower the inventory quickly.