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URGENT MESSAGE: NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operation Closed Due To Flooding

Sep 21, 2004

Due to severe flooding in the Trenton area, NJ CAR was forced to close its Motor Vehicle office at 770 River Road on Monday, September 20, 2004.The Motor Vehicle Operation will reopen as soon as the building is inspected and approved for occupancy. Motor Vehicle documents that were on the premises at the time of flooding ARE NOT damaged, nor are they in danger.The MV Operation is securely housed on the second story of the building.Unfortunately, staff is not permitted to enter the building at this time to retrieve, process, or ship work. Before giving additional work to NJ CAR’s courier (AADI), please verify the priority of each transaction.It is possible that the Motor Vehicle Operation will be inoperable for several days.Therefore, NJ CAR is unable to guarantee three-day turn-around of Motor Vehicle work at this time. Dealerships processing through the On Line systems (triVIN and CVR) may continue to do so.Due to the emergency situation, NJ CAR is unable to ship any additional inventory at this time.Additional information will be relayed as it becomes available. In the meantime, since the telephones are not functioning and staff is not allowed in the building, should you have any questions, please call NJ CAR headquarters at 609.883.5056 extension ‘0’. We are doing everything possible to resume normal operations.Advise your customers that their Motor Vehicle work will be delayed.Thank you for your cooperation and patience.