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Update on NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operations Deliveries

Aug 30, 2011

On Monday, August 29th, NJ CAR’s Motor Vehicle office was closed and courier service was cancelled due to flooding throughout New Jersey. Dealerships that were scheduled for a delivery/ pick up on Monday will receive courier service on their next scheduled day.Today (Tuesday, August 30th), couriers are en route to scheduled (Tuesday) locations and will try to reach as many dealerships as possible. Today’s routed deliveries will be made in random order, due to road conditions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any deliveries TODAY ONLY. Since the office was closed yesterday, only a handful of work has been shipped for delivery today. Do not be alarmed if the courier arrives to pick up work and does not have a delivery. We expect all work currently in-hand at NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operations to be delivered on your next scheduled day, barring any lingering road condition issues around the State.Any dealership that wishes to overnight work to the NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Office (770 River Road, Trenton, NJ 08628) may do so. Please be aware that Federal Express and UPS are experiencing the same type of delays due to road conditions. Therefore, next day delivery may not be guaranteed.