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Update On Charge Up New Jersey Incentive Payments To Dealers

Oct 27, 2021

NJ CAR recently requested the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), the administrators of the Charge Up New Jersey Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentive Program, provide dealers with an update on the status of the ACH payments made to dealerships participating in the Program.

As of October 20, 2021, four groups of payments have been issued, one each on August 27, September 9, September 10, and October 18, 2021. These payments were for the “application approval ranges” indicated below.

Application Approval Ranges Status:

  • 7/23/21 – 7/27/21- Payments issued 8/27/21
  • 7/28/21 – 8/4/21- Payments issued 9/9/21
  • 8/5/21 – 8/13/21- Payments issued 9/10/21
  • 8/11/21 – 8/20/21- Payments issued 10/18/21
  • 8/23/21 – 8/27/21- Payments issued 10/18/21

Applications within the ranges listed below are still “In Review”:

  • 8/31/21 – 9/9/21
  • 8/16/21 – 9/27/21

If you have NOT received a payment for an application for which payments have been issued, please email Brian Hughes ([email protected]) and Magdalena Padilla ([email protected]) with the approval date and other pertinent details of the transaction.

As a reminder, NJ CAR encourages dealers to track all correspondence from CSE to ensure submitted applications have been received, approved for payment, or are awaiting action either from CSE or from your dealership. Providing CSE with a complete application is necessary to receive payment.

If you have any questions, please email Brian Hughes or Magdalena Padilla or call NJ CAR headquarters at 609.883.5056.

For more information visit the Charge Up New Jersey Program website at