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Study Finds Shoppers Are Looking At More Vehicles Before Making A Decision

Feb 15, 2013

According to J.D. Power’s 2013 Avoider Study, new vehicle shoppers are considering an average of 3.3 vehicles before making a decision on what to buy, up from 3.1 in last year’s study and 2.9 in 2010. The study examines why consumers avoid certain models when shopping for new vehicles, thus the name Avoider Study.The study found that fuel economy was the main reason for a particular purchase decision for 15% of consumers. But why do consumers avoid particular models. 17% of consumers site reliability as the reason they avoided certain models. Nearly 33% of shoppers avoid certain models because of the vehicles’ exterior design, with only 19% avoiding models because of their interior design. 17% of shoppers also avoid certain models because of the image they portray.The study also found that the two main reasons shoppers avoid hybrid or electric cars is because of cost (36%) and exterior styling (25%).The 2013 Avoider Study was based on responses from roughly 31,000 owners who registered a new vehicle in May 2012. Respondents were surveyed between August and October 2012.