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May 29, 2009

Ask Senator Lautenberg To Stand Up

For New Jersey Jobs, New Jersey Businesses

Members of Congress, back in their districts until May 30 for a Congressional recess, will be looking to hear from dealers and their employees. Congress is sensitive to the difficulties faced by dealers and their employees, particularly those directly impacted by the dealer closure announcements by Chrysler and General Motors. Even for those dealers not currently impacted, the unfair treatment of dealers targeted for closure sets a bad precedent for future actions. This is a critical time for the auto retail industry. Please use this recess as an opportunity to show Members of Congress the value dealers provide to the local community and economy, especially the jobs you provide. Dealers must be afforded fair treatment by the manufacturers, and Senators and Representatives should be urged to speak out against reckless closures and unfair treatment of dealers by manufacturers and the Auto Task Force. Next week, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing to examine the Chrysler and General Motors dealership closure plans. Dealers in New Jersey should make extra effort to reach out to Senator Lautenberg, who serves on the Senate Commerce Committee. Dealers should ask Senator Lautenberg to urge the President to provide more transparency in the auto industry restructuring and to protect dealers, employees, consumers and affected communities. Senator Lautenberg can be reached as follows:Newark Office: 973.639.8700Camden Office: 856.338.8922Internet: