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Ray Catena Named 2004 TMQDA Winner in New Jersey

Dec 03, 2004

NJ CAR is proud to announce that Ray Catena, President and CEO of the Ray Catena Motor Car Corporation, was recently selected as New Jersey’s 2004 TIME Magazine Quality Dealer Award (TMQDA) winner.The TMQDA recognizes new vehicle dealers in the United States for exceptional performance in their dealerships combined with distinguished community service. Nominations for the TMQDA are submitted by NJ CAR members and a winner is chosen by the NJ CAR Awards Nominating Committee, made up of the sitting Chairman and all past winners of this prestigious honor.A nominee must be a member of NADA and NJ CAR for at least five years.The individual should spend at least 60% of his or her time involved in dealership affairs.Ray will represent New Jersey in the national competition, which takes place at the NADA Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, in January 2005. Ray began his career with a used car and wholesale business in Kearny more than 30 years ago.By 1968, he had opened a Chevy dealership in Fairlawn.In 1981, he was awarded a new Mercedes-Benz franchise in Edison and was allocated only 110 vehicles for the year.In the past 23 years, he has successfully grown that franchise from its modest beginnings and made it the largest Mercedes-Benz dealership on the East Coast, selling more than 3,800 new cars each year. Ray also owns and operates Maybach, Porsche, Infiniti, Lexus, Jaguar and Aston-Martin franchises and will soon be opening a state-of-the-art service and parts building. Ray Catena understands the importance of giving back to those communities in which you do business.In that spirit, he provides financial support to a variety of charitable causes, including health organizations, schools, churches, youth groups and other community support groups. Ray lives in New Jersey with his wife Elsie.