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Protect Your Customer Information From Potential Loss

Sep 16, 2021

Widespread flooding and tornadoes, spawned by the remnants of Hurricane Ida, recently resulted in the loss of lives and property across New Jersey.  It also led to the loss of something that many businesses, including dealerships, may have never considered- customer information.

Dealerships in flood-prone areas have plans in place to move their vehicle inventory to higher ground when flooding is expected in a pre-emptive effort to limit damage or loss. But how many dealerships have a plan in place to protect their customer information from flooding, fire or any other potential tragedy?

NJ CAR offers a program through its partner, AutoTrieve, that can significantly reduce a dealership’s risk of catastrophic critical paper records loss by safely securing important documents (Deal Jackets, Repair Orders, Employee Records, etc.) electronically, where they can be accessed at any time, from any location.

With increasing labor costs and decreasing labor availability, the program can also save dealership’s time and money, providing a better and more secure alternative to protecting customer information. For a FREE consultation, contact Michael Dachille, Managing Director of AutoTrieve at [email protected].