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PlugStar Electric Vehicle Training Program Boosts Your Bottom Line

Oct 06, 2020

Many dealerships are struggling with inventory right now, as manufacturers continue to recover from the shutdowns earlier this year. Electric vehicle (EV) inventory is particularly hard to come by for dealers. Dozens of new EV models are expected to be introduced in the next few years to complement the nearly 40 models currently available. Add in the aggressive government mandates that call for 22% of all new vehicle sales to be electric by 2025, and dealers can be sure that EVs will begin flowing into the Garden State in greater and greater numbers.

To help our dealer members meet the mandates and sell more EVs, NJ CAR has partnered with Plug In America to offer the PlugStar program. This informative program provides EV-specific training and works closely with dealers and their sales staff to educate the staff, offer management tips and recommend best practices for selling more electric vehicles.

Dealers who become PlugStar certified receive training and access to a variety of online tools to help keep them and their staff informed about the EV market.

The PlugStar training covers the following topics:

  • New Jersey EV Sales Certification Course
  • Fundamentals of EVs as a product category
  • Getting familiar with EV charging
  • Publicly available EV incentives
  • Best Practices to sell EVs

Participating dealers are also granted access to a variety of online tools and services including:

  • PlugStar online tool
  • Accurate, up-to-date EV incentive information
  • Answers to customers most frequently asked questions
  • Mobile-friendly web app, collateral AND helpline support
  • Featured on as a PlugStar Certified Dealer
  • Customer leads from program partners

The PlugStar program bolsters factory and brand-specific training and is available both in-market and in-dealership. For more information or to sign up for PlugStar training, email [email protected]. You can also visit the PlugStar page on the NJ CAR website at