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Please Honor Your 2nd Quarter CAR-PAC Solicitation

Apr 12, 2022

NJ CAR is calling upon dealers to step up and support the Coalition’s Political Action Committee, CAR-PAC, so it can support the candidates that continue to support our industry.

If you haven’t already honored your 2nd Quarter CAR-PAC solicitation, the Coalition hopes you will do so as soon as possible. Remember, CAR-PAC advocates to ensure the dealers’ voice is heard in Trenton and educates legislators on the many contributions the industry makes to the State’s economy, as well as the communities in which dealers operate.

It is critical that dealer members continue refilling the coffers, so CAR-PAC remains poised to support the candidates who support the retail automotive industry in New Jersey.

Thank you, in advance, for honoring your quarterly CAR-PAC solicitation.