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Order Your Revised NJ CAR Legal & Regulatory Compliance Volumes NOW!

Jun 06, 2017

NJ CAR’s Legal & Regulatory Compliance Series (last updated 2010-2012) has been rewritten in a user-friendly 4-volume set, replacing the previous 7-volume series. In addition, each of the new volumes is spiral-bound for easier use. The revised Compliance Series includes:

Volume 1 – The New Jersey Sales & Use Tax Guide. Topics covered in this 70-page volume include: Review of taxable and not-taxable items frequently encountered by dealerships; Sales Tax exemptions and use of the Sales Tax Satisfied Stamp; calculation of Sales Tax on motor vehicle leases; treatment of manufacturer rebates and other discounts; the trade-in credit; Sales Tax on demonstrator and loaner/courtesy vehicles; and much more.

Volume 2 – Consumer Protection & Fair Credit Compliance. Topics addressed in this 70-page volume include: Review of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) and the prohibition of “unconscionable practices”; regulatory violations; requirements for disclosing prior use and prior damage; review of mandatory disclosures; disclosure of open recalls; overview of the Truth in Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (TCWNA); overview of the Division of Consumer Affairs’ Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations and Automotive Repair Regulations; The Federal Used Car Rule; Mandatory Warranties under New Jersey law; and an overview of Fair Credit compliance.

Volume 3 – Federal Finance Regulations. Topics addressed in this 120-page volume include an in-depth review of: The Privacy Rule; The Safeguards Rule; The Red Flags Rule; Cash Transactions and Form 8300 filing requirements; and The Risk-Based Pricing Rule.

Volume 4 – Wage and Hour & Employment Compliance. Topics covered in this 184-page volume include: Wage and Hour Rules, payment of wages and permissible deductions; exempt and non-exempt employees; minimum wage and overtime pay requirements; demonstrator vehicles and compensation issues; the employer-employee relationship; anti-discrimination laws; union organizing campaigns; whistleblower protections; and Family Leave (FMLA and FLA). This volume also includes a model employee handbook that can be used as a basis for developing an employment handbook for your dealership.

Individual volumes can be purchased by NJ CAR Dealer Members for $39/each, or the complete 4 volume set can be purchased for $130 (a $25 savings), plus shipping/handling and New Jersey Sales Tax. Please use the Order Form attached to this NewsLetter.