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Nominations Open For New Jersey TMQDA

Jun 07, 2004

TIME Magazine and NJ CAR are pleased to announce the nominating process is now open to select a New Jersey dealership principal as the 2005 Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award winner.Each year, NJ CAR selects its nominee to represent our State in the national competition, which takes place at the next NADA convention. A TIME nominee must be a member of NADA and NJ CAR for at least five years.The individual should spend at least 60% of his/her time involved in dealership affairs.NJ CAR encourages every member to think about the ideal candidate who can proudly represent NJ CAR in this prestigious event. Please submit a written statement concerning the qualifications of any nominee you would like NJ CAR to consider.Brief biographical information would be helpful in allowing NJ CAR’s Awards Nominating Committee to make the best choice.Mail the information on your nominee by July 1, 2004 to: NJ CAR Attn: Awards Nominating Committee P.O. Box 7510 Trenton, NJ08628