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NJMVC Issues Advisory Regarding Vehicle Registration Cards (VRCs)

Nov 09, 2012

There have been reports of law enforcement not accepting legitimate Vehicle Registration Cards. Vehicle Registration Cards (VRCs) issued by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) Agencies are printed on 7½ x 8½ inch MVC Universal Forms. The wallet size VRCs are perforated around the edges so they can be easily separated from the Universal Forms and the Agency-issued VRCs are not laminated. There have been no reported issues with law enforcement’s acceptance of these Agency-issued VRCs.The problem seems to stem from slight changes made to the VRCs that were mailed to customers as a result of online, mail in and telephonic registration renewals. These VRCs, printed on paper stock, measuring approximately 3¾ x 8½ inches, were previously laminated and perforated.Although all of the VRCs are still printed on the same paper stock, they are no longer laminated or perforated. Customers may choose to cut the VRCs down to size or may simply leave them uncut on the printed card stock they received in the mail. Either way, these are legitimate VRCs and must not be the basis for any law enforcement action taken against those who possess or present them.If a customer has any questions regarding this matter, they can be directed to the MVC’s Division of Security, Investigations & Internal Audit at 609.984.5279.