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NJMVC Extends POA Implementation Date Until October 30, 2023

Aug 31, 2023

At NJCAR’s request, the NJMVC has extended the deadline for final implementation of the new Non-Secure POA (NSPOA) (if you choose to implement it), the Secure POA (SPOA)(mandatory), new Odometer Disclosure Statement (OS/SS-2) and new rules for Dealer POA (mandatory) until October 30, 2023.  There will be no further extensions.

NJMVC considers the period before 10/30/23 as a phase-in period.  Dealerships must be implementing the new POAs starting NOW.   This means that any MV transaction submitted after 10/30/23 for sales, that occurred before 10/30/23, must use the new POAs.

After 10/30/23, all MV transactions for SALES OCCURRING PRIOR TO 10/30/23, submitted to local NJMVC Agencies or NJ CAR for processing, must conform to the new POAs and new rules for Dealer POAs or else they will be REJECTED.  If these MV transactions are submitted to local NJMVC Agencies or NJCAR before 10/30/23 for processing, they can use current POAs or the new POAs.  Dealerships should not wait to implement these new POAs and new rules.

If your DMS provider is having issues with programming the Secure POA to be used when title is lost or held by a lienholder, please have them reach out to Greyson Hannigan.  In addition, DMS providers can email Greyson Hannigan their finished product to ensure that it complies with NJMVC requirements for the SPOA.

If dealers have questions about the POAs, they should contact Mary Lynn Edwards, DSP Director via email at [email protected] or at (609) 883-6330 ext.102, Eileen Nuttall, DSP Manager via email at [email protected] or at (609) 883-6330 ext.101 or  Greyson P. Hannigan, NJ CAR’s Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs at (609) 883-5056 – ext. 340 or via email at [email protected].