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NJ CAR’s Hole-In-One Program Burning Up the Fairway

Aug 18, 2004

With more than 900 events booked by the beginning of August, NJ CAR’s Hole-In-One insurance program is continuing its tremendous growth over the past five years.The Coalition’s program, in partnership with Universal Underwriters Group, offers competitive rates and ease of requesting quotes or ordering coverage.Dealers can also choose from two levels of premium, one with personalized, four-color signage for the dealership, and another, less expensive, without signage.The NJ CAR Hole-In-One program also offers auxiliary prizes of $500 for three additional holes.Any dealer looking for hole-in-one coverage is encouraged to contact NJ CAR for a quote before deciding which coverage to buy. Members booking six or more golf events during the 2004 season through the NJ CAR program will receive two magnetic signs with their dealership’s name on them, suitable for affixing to the “sponsored” vehicle.This offer applies only to the first six golf events booked for the 2004 season. IN ADDITION, NJ CAR Services, Inc. will give your dealership a 10% discount on all golf-related promotional items purchased for your NJ CAR-insured golf outing.If you have any questions, please call NJ CAR headquarters at 609.883.5056, ext. 308. This year, NJ CAR is offering customers an additional benefit.When you order a golf event online and pay by credit card through the NJ CAR website (, your quote is reduced by 4%.If you are registered to access the NJ CAR Hole-In-One website, you can click on the link in the top right corner of the Member’s page and it will bring you immediately to the Hole-In-One program login page. Don’t forget that all profits go back to fund the Coalition’s legal, regulatory, legislative and public affairs programs on behalf of its members.Many dealers have been very happy with the quotes and customer service they have received from NJ CAR.In 1999, the first year NJ CAR began offering coverage, the Coalition booked 771 events, a number that grew more than 71% by 2003, to a total of more than 1,300 events.