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NJ CAR’s ACA Employer Mandate Webinar Posted To Coalition Website

Jul 27, 2015

NJ CAR recently hosted a very informative webinar to help dealers understand what they must do to satisfy the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate requirements. The purpose of the webinar, led by Kelli Personette, Health Care Reform Consultant with American Fidelity Administrative Services, was to recap the general rules, describe the changes and key clarifications provided by the final regulations, and highlight some of the questions that remain unanswered.

The webinar has been posted to the NJ CAR Exclusive Webinars page ( and can be downloaded for free.

Some of the items covered by the webinar include:

?Describing provisions impacting employers that require action between now and 2016. ?Analyzing how the rules apply to an employer’s current staffing practices, and could impact the structure of their workforce going forward. ?Identifying the health plans and administrative practices that may need to be revised. ?Reviewing the IRS Reporting Requirements for Section 6055/6056 and forms to be filed by 2016. ?Creating an action plan for organizing key compliance activities.