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NJ CAR Will Be Opening After A Two-Hour Delay This Morning

Feb 02, 2011

NJ CAR will be opening after a two-hour delay this morning, due to icing in and around the Trenton area.But please be assured that NJ CAR staff and managers will be checking their messages, so please feel free to contact NJ CAR at 609.883.5056 with any questions. A complete list of staff phone extensions is included below.

NJ CAR Staff Contact Information

  • Jim Appleton, President, x330
  • Gail Caputi, Coordinator of Member Programs, x348
  • Dave Comly, Director of Information Technology, x335
  • Patrick Cox, Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs, x350
  • Brian Hughes, Director of Communications, x315
  • Bob May, Managing Director & Staff Counsel, x313
  • Mark McAleer, Field Services Coordinator, x332
  • Judi McGinley, Director of Member Programs, x338
  • Bob Myers, Chief Financial Officer, x331
  • Christine Phillips, Executive Assistant, x310
  • Tracy Purnell, Telecom Sales & Service, x360
  • Pat Pyatt, Accounting Assistant, x308
  • Zenaida Sanchez, Receptionist, x301
  • Jenny Ward, Phone Program Representative, x349
  • Claire Zarr, Part Time Administrative Assistant, x309

NJ CAR Services Personnel

  • Scott Kley, Director of Dealer Services, x307
  • John Libby, NJ CAR Services Sales Assistant, x334
  • Fran Nalbone, NJ CAR Services Sales Assistant, x328
  • Rich Trabilsy, Field Sales Representative, x327
  • Rich West, Field Sales Representative, x306

NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operations

  • Dealer Service Provider (DSP) Program, 609.883.6330
  • Online Systems, 609.406.7344
  • Title Services, 609.883.6330, x355
  • Eileen Nuttall, DSP Supervisor, 609.883.6330, x213
  • Henry Robinson, Online Systems Supervisor, 609.406.7344, x310
  • Sue Sbarro, Director of NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operations, 609.883.6330, x211